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Scar Treatment

Why go through tile expense and hassle of hiding your scars with makeup and clothing when you can reduce them with laser scar treatment that's fast and easy.

Fractional laser scar treatment is the more comfortable alternative to surgery for acne scars and surgical scars, with remarkable results on any skin type, including very light and very dark skin, Pulses of fractional laser light break down scar tissue, triggering new tissue to form in its place, It's a fast and simple procedure with little to no downtime and minimal discomfort. You've lived with the embarrassment of your scars long enough, Choose laser scar treatment today and watch those scars fade away!

Free yourself from worrying about your scars with laser scar removal.

Your provider has chosen Palomar products for your treatment. Palomar produces the most advanced cosmetic lasers and pulsed light systems to dramatically improve the appearance of skin. www.palomarmedical.com

Optimized Light is a trademark and Palomar is a registered trademark of Palomar Medical Technologies, lnc.

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